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Featured Models

Check out my Sketchfab! I have a lot of models, but here are the featured ones!

Model Name




Wacky Plane


A wacky plane I made in blender, referencing other art from Pinterest. Feel free to contact me for the model! This was my first upload in a long time, and I've learned a lot since I began.


Wizard Tower

A small Wizard Tower I made in Blender. If you'd like any of the 6 stages I built the tower in as blender files, please contact me. I used Substance Painter and Designer, as I do with all my assets, to texture the model.

This was my first 'big' model.


Isometric Art Studio





An isometric art studio made in Blender. Enjoy!


Low Poly Airplane





Low Poly Airplane made in Blender. It's free!

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